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Growing Cameo®

BLOSSOM: diploid, with good pollen quality; same flowering season as Golden Delicious.

POLLINATORS: Gala, Braeburn, Granny Smith, Malus (Perpetu® Evereste, INRA® Baugène and/or Golden Gem). Cameo® et polinisateur

GROWTH TYPE: average vigour tree with a slightly spreading habit; scaffold branches are thick and are weighed down by fruits. Fruit sets on 1 year, 2 year and 3 year wood, as well as on spurs.

PRODUCTIVITY: Cameo® Caudle has an outstanding production potential and thinning is usually required.

SCAB RESISTANCE: similar to Gala.

MILDEW RESISTANCE: weak to moderate.

TREE TRAINING: Cameo® Caudle produces upright branches, so, it is recommended to have branches at right angles to the central trunk. When these branches are weighed down by fruits, the fruiting will be more regular, with a production on terminal blossom buds, avoiding biennial bearing on spurs.

THINNING: it is recommended to use the Gala programme. However, it is possible to keep 2 to 3 fruit per flower bud and still have good fruit size. Cameo® sur arbre

PRODUCTION AREAS: In England, Cameo® is being grown in all the main fruit growing areas, with the largest area being in Kent.

In France, Caudle is well adapted for the Loire Valley, the North of the Rhone Valley, the North of France and in the Sisteron region of the Alps.

In Germany, it is grown in the area of Lake Constance.

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