The company Cameo Europe SAS

The company Cameo Europe SAS

The variety belongs to Caudle Apple Corporation. Dalival, a French tree nursery, is the exclusive licence holder for Europe. The variety is protected by a plant patent.

The trademark Cameo® belongs to Caudle Apple Corporation and to Dalival.

The development and the promotion of Cameo® in Europe are coordinated by a company called Cameo Europe SAS in order to launch the variety successfully. The growers, the marketers and Dalival are shareholders of this company. They work together with the common and unique objective of promoting the variety in order to maximise consumer satisfaction. This co-operation will also enable production to be controlled so that over production is avoided and satisfactory returns to growers are achieved. Culture, distribution and marketing contracts link partners altogether.

These contracts allow the traceability of the final product.

Cameo®’s marketing is being co-ordinated on a European scale in order to launch the variety successfully. Sales are based on a marketing plan in order to give the product a good value. Each Cameo® producer will sign a contract with one of the licensed marketers. Cameo® will be marketed in Europe by 8 to 10 marketers. In the UK, British grown Cameo® are marketed mainly by Avalon Produce Ltd. In Germany, Obst vom Bodensee markets the fruit produced by MaBo and WOG. In Switzerland, Tobi Seeobst markets the local fruit and EB Fruit markets the Czech fruit. These marketers regularly meet to discuss technical and marketing matters.

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