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Picking Cameo®

PICKING DATE: 2 to 3 picks are necessary, the first between Golden Delicious and Braeburn using the following criteria: Colour: 40 % carmine red/orange with a ground colour between green and yellow. Starch conversion: (C.T.I.F.L code.)
- For a long storage (up to 6 months), Cameo® should be picked between 4 and 5.
- For a 4 to 5 month storage, Cameo® should be picked between 6 and 8.
- Up to 8, it is possible to keep Cameo® until 3 months. Pressure between 8 to 9 kg/cm² Refractometer: between 12.5 and 13 Brix

Picking specifications written by Nigel Jenner (advisor by Norman Collett) have been distributed to each grower before harvest.

PDF - 490.7 kb
3 language Cameo® picking recommendations
Cameo® harvest Cueillette Cameo®

HANDLING: fruit can stand handling and does not bruise easily.

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